Warranty Policy

About our warranty policy:

1. The warranty policy offered by Marsvo guarantees coverage for any defects in material, design, or workmanship that may arise after the purchase of the product. For eligible items purchased directly from Marsvo, a twelve-month warranty is provided to buyers within the UAE. However, if products are bought through a seller other than Marsvo, the warranty terms of that particular seller will be applicable.

2. With the exception of Apple products, whose accessories are covered by a one-year warranty, accessories for other electronic devices are provided with a six-month warranty from the date of delivery. The warranty period for these items commences on the date of product delivery.

3. The address submitted with the warranty claim request will serve as both the pickup and delivery address for the claimed item and cannot be altered.

4. Authorized service centers will conduct warranty repairs. If products are purchased from a seller other than us, the warranty terms of that particular seller will be applicable.

5. Warranty repairs will be conducted exclusively by authorized service centers. If products are purchased through a seller other than us, the warranty terms of that specific seller will apply.

6. A valid original invoice is necessary to confirm the serial number and validate the warranty period, ensuring eligibility for warranty services.

7. In cases requiring logistical assistance, the warranty repair period spans twenty-five (25) working days from the product's pickup until dispatch for units covered under warranty.

8. Not all products are covered by warranty; it is advisable to review the product listing to ascertain warranty inclusion.

9. If a product cannot be repaired but remains within the manufacturer's warranty period, a replacement will be issued from the same seller. In the event a replacement is unavailable, a full refund will be provided.

10. Warranty services provided by sellers other than Marsvo are beyond our responsibility, including spare part availability, repair duration, and repair quality. Customers should directly contact the warranty service provider for complaints or concerns.

11. Customers must ensure safe packaging of items in their original box or adequately wrapped to prevent damage during transit. Marsvo will not accept responsibility for damages resulting from inadequate packaging, and such claims will be returned to the customer without service. 

Providers of warranties: 

1. The warranty for the device is provided either by the manufacturer or their authorized service provider, and it adheres to the manufacturer's warranty policies. These policies can be found in the user manual or on the official website of the manufacturer. To avail of warranty services, customers must directly contact the manufacturer or their authorized service center, following the specified rules and regulations. 

2. Marsvo is not responsible for warranty services provided by authorized service centers, including spare part availability, repair duration, or repair quality. Customers should address any complaints or concerns directly with the warranty service provider. 

3. The warranty applies only to products purchased within the United Arab Emirates (the "Territory"). Replacement and repaired products or parts will be shipped only to addresses within the Territory, and refunds will be credited only to accounts located within the Territory. 

4. If a customer rejects the product after a warranty claim is processed, the product will be stored in Marsvo’s warehouse for a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days. After this period, the customer will not be eligible to request a return of the product. 

5. To ensure top-notch service quality, Marsvo offers its own warranty on select devices. Customers can contact Marsvo for more details. 

6. For inquiries or assistance, customers can contact us at the provided email.